Saturday, January 8, 2011

Urgo: The College Daze, Part 1

I found an old blog of mine. Excerpt

First, the story of myself in auge, told through the eyes of tom since he does it so well, and i lakk every time i read it. An Excerpt from the Journal of Sir Thomas Of Machine.

"Today, though, in Lit Crit, something stupendous happened. Well, perhaps it was just stupid.

After sitting and watching Ague conference with people who weren't me, I decided that I would leave Lit Crit, get some lunch, and return to talk to him later. Ague had not told us that we could leave, though, so I was a little nervous about leaving class. I told Urgo and Drez of my plans, though, and they decided that they, too, wished to leave.

Urgo's involvement in this plan proved from the beginning to be a problem.

First, she would not leave because she was angry that an online quiz told her that she is gay. She wished to take the test over, but rather than wait for her to do so, I ripped my computer from her Italian grip. She retreated, and I shoved my computer in my bag where she could not get it.

So, we were all finally prepared to sneak out of class. I decided that Urgo should be the one to tell him that we would be back later, but she refused. I stood for a moment, hesitating, wondering if I should really leave. The next thing I knew, Urgo was on the floor.

No, Urgo did not collapse of heart failure from eating too much spumoni. Nor was she, surprisingly, drunk. No, neither of those. Urgo had decided to crawl out of the room.

[ She walked to the row of desks next to the door and chucked her back pack, lap top and all out the door. She then knelt down behind the people sitting for a moment, and then was on her belly in army crawl position, all while Ague rattled on in the front of the classroom oblivious]

Drez and I watched in amazement as Urgo slithered out of the room like the snake from the story we read last semester. [ she then stood outside the door and proceded to wave and grin at everybody stuck inside, then bounded to the starirwell] And then, we, too, left."

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