Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Butt Plug is the answer

For weeks now, government and oil company have been trying to figure out how to stop the massive amounts of oil from leaking all over the gulf.

Today, Mary Mishek and I have discovered the answer.

Get Taboo Taboo in Chicago to create the biggest butt plug ever- neon of course, because it has to be pretty.

This will do several things:

1) Most importantly, stop the oil from flowing
2) Create a new Guinness Book world record
3) Bring gays and straights together in a great alliance
4) Decorate the sea floor

"I think this is the MAIN reason why god invented the butt plug. He knew that BP would FUCK it up and he wanted everyone to come together and celebrate the butt plug for saving the world"
- mary mishek

1 comment:

Matt Grim said...

Let's plug up America's dirty backside.