Tuesday, August 17, 2010


YES! So I was talking to Mr. Hauser of the wining dining and lying blog aka law school food guy and for his fantastical four course meal on saturday we're going to be having fruit salad play doh as a course.

I can already see this evening may rival the 6-course evening with wine connoisseur John from Cuvee Cellars, after all, I am bringing him monogramed napkins courtesy of my mother.

Anyway, you'll be able to mix and roll your own fruit salad play doh. I plan on making mine into abstract, exotic, or erotic shapes. It'll be made from (we think) pureed juices, sugar, and butter- but we'll see how this all turns out.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I do all my skinny dipping in Florida

For some reason, I have never done it anywhere else, but every time I go to Florida, it ends up happening.

But on to the trip. About a week ago, an old friend of mine said he'd be returning from Iraq where he's a contract fireman, and asked if I'd drive home with him... from Florida. He'd left his car in Panama City- so I got on a plane at 7am friday morning. We chilled on the beach, I explored the bar scene, went for a little dip, and by 11am the next day we were on the road running from russians to Alabama (long story... no worries, we're safe until she finds out where we live).

At one point, we all ended up naked in the pool. You would think this was the exciting part, but it wasn't, just a bunch of fools seeing how long they could hold their breath for.

However, when it was time to get out my friend and another guy were still in the pool, naked, hanging on to the ledge trying to poop in the pool. My friend was unsuccessful, and began to climb out when something caught his eye. The other fellow HAD been successful, and low and behold there was a giant deuce floating in the pool.

Upon arriving to Alabama I was introduced to a special driving-home tradition. Buying 15 McChickens from McDonalds. We pulled up to the drive through, ordered two smoothies and 15 McChickens. There was a small pause from the other side, while we sat giggling inside the car (its really funny to hear a 25 year old man giggle over McChickens), and again she asked "15 mcchickens" to which we responded yes, and i informed her I had a death wish.

13 hours later in Indiana, we were still eating the McChickens.

If you've never driven through Alabama at the height of summer, it's really beautiful. Ivy grows freely along the highway, taking over trees and rocks. It grows tall and pours off the tree tops. It could easily be very romantic place, and some of them looked like giraffes. There were giraffes in Panama City, but Nick didn't take me to the Zoo, which was sad.

A few days later I received a drunken phone call from Nick. He was at his mom's house getting some late night snacks. I could hear rustling, and I'll be damned if he wasn't eating 3 day old McChickens that had been sitting in the hot unairconditioned car for several hours.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cat on a leash

Oh yes I did. Mr. The BRR Vonegut Urgo now has a skull and cross bones leash and collar. Now we can sit on the back porch without worrying his fate will be death by car while chasing squirrel. Although, my friend's dog once hung itself from his leash out a window... so lets hope that doesn't happen.