Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Balls. Everyone needs more balls.

People just don't have balls, and this is really getting to me.

Society itself is seeming really ball-less lately. We wonder if we can break up/ask someone out over text, or if this is the sort of thing that must be done face to face, we connect over things like IM, fb and twitter. It's turning us all into a bunch of ball-less turds.

Case In Point:

A friend of mine has gone on several dates with a girl he likes. He's paid for dinner and drinks 2-3 times. Today he relayed to me that he doesn't know how to kiss her for the first time without the both of them being drunk. The girl obviously has this problem too, neither of them make a move. They continue to hang out and both of them complain to their friends wondering what to do.

People! In life, at some point you just gotta grab your nuts (metaphorical if you're a lady), squeeze, yell I HAVE BALLS, and pucker up.

That is all.

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