Monday, January 11, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the World Without Hipsters

Today I had a few revelations on the Ubahn into school.

The bad news: I can no longer play 'Hipster or Homeless?' Why? because the answer is always 'Homeless'.

The good news: There is no such thing as a hipster in Germany, and from what I can see, in Europe.

The World Without Hipsters: I'm ok with returning to 2006.

Another note: Sandwiches with eggs in them: weird, and consequently, not delicious, but only 1.50EU.

A note I'm displeased with: No water fountains.

A really bad headline for LemonAid I wrote down anyway, because it makes me giggle: Fresher than the Prince.

Yes, that was a Will Smith reference. "I can rap with out swearing and be cool WOO HOOO!"

Yes, that was a Family Guy reference. I am depraved here.

1 comment:

Craig Nagovan said...

1. You are depraved everywhere.
2. I hate Uptown, and hipsters, and snow.