Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Few Pictures

A few pics from the neighborhood I live in: St. Georg

This is of the Bell Tower a block from my apartment. I HATE this tower. It's bells ring at the most inconvenient times.

There are a ton of these weird, rusted, people sized pieces of metal. I'm not sure if they were placed there and THEN graffiti-ed, or there was a plan behind this.

I stuck my camera out my 5th story window and looked to the right. I haven't seen one screen in Hamburg so far, and this worries me because there is never any sun here, even when it's warm, so we wonder how high the suicide rate is. They should probably invest in some storm windows at least.

1 comment:

Matthew James said...

Well it's clear what you have to do. Get good at sniping and head to the bell tower so the Hamburgers don't kill themselves. No no no, you kill them when they try to commit said suicide. This is your mission.