Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Tribute to Limes

I have always loved limes. There. I said it. They go great rubbed on burritos and in my Whiskey/Coke.

Germany, oddly enough, has opened a new look on the lime.

Besides the fact that I just made a delicious drink out of a lime, thanks to the magnificent brain of my German room mate Martin, it's been a lime learning experience.

The drink, in case you are curious is:
1 full lime squeezed in a glass
some honey
hot water

The Story:
Recently we received a brief for the German drink LemonAid, seen at the bottom of the page.

The brief received was for a headlines class. Now, where the confusion begins: LemonAid is made with limes and brown sugar. I'm sure you see the problem the slower, but mathematical part of my brain is having.

So, I had an idea for what I thought would be an interesting campaign called "Fresh Thoughts". The concept behind it? We make lime juice but we'll call it lemonade. The headlines are then all "fresh thoughts"- just silly things. My first thought was getting rid of elevators so we can all work on our glutes. Not the most entertaining thing, but I walk up 5 flights of stairs every day due to lack of elevator, so it's something on my mind.

My teacher's response? "That's calling Germans stupid"


Turns out, anything made with a citrus fruit and sugar is called "lemonade" and lemonade is called something completely different.

What I learned:
Limes help with skin, body ordor (so if you notice that no one ever sits next to you- drink up), constipation, scurvy, weight loss, and many more

But my FAVORITE thing: If you ingest too many seeds, it acts as a poison. Think of the murder you could get away with. Killed by lime seeds? Diagnosis: Death by stupidity. Case closed, ship em' to the morgue.

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Lisa said...

Another way to use limes:

-Cut in half width-wise
-Squeeze the juice into an empty glass
-Hollow out some of the pulp (can be used later, if so desired) in each half -- you should now have two bowl-like shells
-Grab a bottle of vodka and pour into empty lime halves, leaving room for lime juice/pulp that was set aside
-Add some juice and/or pulp to shell
-Give other half to friend
-Shoot and enjoy

(a Lithuanian specialty)