Friday, February 5, 2010

Training, Hard On's and British People

Wednesday I started running again. It's been about a year since I've done any serious training, but injuries do that to you. I signed up for a half-marathon April 18th in Boulder- more as a jog than a race.

Nothing really gets you going like slipping and sliding on the outskirts of a lake- the germans in Hamburg neither shovel nor do they use salt! Instead they sprinkle dirt everywhere, so you still fall down and on top of it you just get dirtier!

Now that I'm training again I wish I would have brought more than 2 pants and 2 long sleeves, because i hate doing laundry.

Felt really inspired today researching the Olympic 2012 games in London. It's giving me a hard on for a 3:15 finish in the Chicago marathon.

We're working on an ad campaign for Lloyds TBS and their partnership with the Olympics to bring more awareness and unity to the people of Britain- hard to do because I've been to London once, for two weeks.

Trying to put myself in the british mind set. Don't know exactly what that means but I've bought some builder's tea and spent an hour practicing a British accent. We'll see how that goes

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