Friday, February 26, 2010


For an award show, my partner and I are doing something that involves coffins.

To really get a realist shot, I decided it would be best if we could actually photograph a coffin. Even better if we could photoshop the person we want in it. Even better if we could put the coffin on the street where we want it, with the person in it.

Germans, as it turns out, are not really into renting coffins. Very few people are, although I have heard there is a place in Ireland, and that it is popular in the US- though neither of this helps me out on the northern sea border of Deutscheland.

I am thinking that, instead of working the insane advertising hours, I can put my new knowledge to use, start up a Rent-A-Coffin company. Maybe calling it something clever like Coffin-O-Rama or, Das Casket Platz.

The recession isn't over, and it could be a great investment. I can see the print ads already, envision the ambient, practically touch the guerrilla.

After doing some research, and reading this google question- I think I can start renting casket carts as well:

My husband and I are planning home 'wakes'. we already have our caskets, but need to figure a way to get the caskets from our house to the van and then into the church when the time comes. We won't be working with a funeral home. Say one such cart on eBay, but it was almost $300.

There is obviously a lot of money in it. Contact me if you'd like to partner up, or perhaps have some caskets you aren't using.

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