Saturday, April 24, 2010

My mother loves my cat more than me.

After my euroventure, I came almost immediately to Crispin Porter and Bogusky, in Boulder Colorado, but not after a quick stop in colorado.

Home was a quick 5 days. My parents were gone the whole time. My mother left me the longest list ever on how to take care of my cat- which she renamed after Bruce Springstein while I was gone.

I've had the cat for over a year, and when I went to Germany, and while I do the last two quarter in ad school, my mom is watching him for me. I don't think I'll ever get him back.

Now, my cat has replaced me in my mother's heart. You think this isn't true, but I can prove it. I hadn't seen my mother in over three months. When she arrived home from her Bermuda vacation, the first thing she did was ask where her cat was. I came bounding downstairs with him in my arms, ready to see my family after my long journey.

She immediately took the cat from my arms, and began cooing at him, asking if he missed her and if I'd treated him poorly.

Then she walked away.

I didn't receive a hug from my mother until I left for the airport the next day, but over my evening at home, I did hear her talking to him about how she would never leave him again, and on occasion I receive phone calls letting me know how he is doing- when he puts outside the litter box, and how he looks after the groomers.

As a joke, I created a facebook page for my cat when I left Minneapolis (so my room mate would know what he was up to)!/profile.php?id=100000342897132&ref=ts

My mom, who is friends with him, made sure that he friended all of her friends, and comments on his page more than anyone else.

Also, she has been known to sleep in my old bed with the cat, because my dad wouldn't allow him in their bed, and he would sit outside their door and meow all sad like.

So, at least if my mom loves my cat more than me, she loves him more than my dad too.

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Matthew said...

Sounds about right, but remember I'll always love you more than a cat. Especially if you don't get anymore tattoos.