Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 1 in Germany Part 3- Today we learned about food and porn.

It is the end of the night. We went to a restaurant with a non english speaking waiter, but had an english, and german menus. And so we leaned words like cheese, onions, iceberg lettuce, and so forth. We also picked up several fliers, attempted to read them, and took them home. One of them looked interesting. Upon going to the website, we quickly realized this was not a band. We couldn't read the description, so we did

We are wondering if we've stumbled accidentally into amsterdam, and have realized that sex shops are more important than food here. At least in the St. Georg sector of Hamburg.

here is the site:

here is the translation (at least the beginning because its long)

Sex for money. Is that really so misleading out of middle class perspective that the joke could make? Does that one voluntarily do that? Is prostitution perhaps even a possible journey through life? And how is that if one loves someone, but sleeps permanently with others?

Exclusively mysterious milieu shapes would be who still believes, prostitute, should know learn these young women: They are pretty, intelligent, self-confident and well instructed. They stand to that, what they do. They have relations, fall in love, and they privately look like each other. DREAMDOLLS examined the flying roll change between everyday life and Escortservice, the balance act between authenticity and intensity. The question how it is, to love someone and is to be slept permanently with other.

The DREAMDOLLS provoke its own boundaries, they waste itself. They pull out, out of the monogamous relation model. They deny the expected middle class biography, graduation examination, study, practical course, job. They earn much money that they realize gladly also again, for it comes again and again new purely and easily is earned. Yet sometime they must decide - give it these free space again up, conclude it a study and find therewith again the way into a middle class life or make it the prostitution to an occupation. But who wants to work already the hour for 8 Euro if it earned before monthly 3000 Euro net without rising ever before 13 o'clock?

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